Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Check Out MY New Facebook Page

Hey all! If you are wondering where I have been, I have started a Community Page on Facebook about my struggle with Klippel and mental illness. I LOVE blogging immensely and am not giving up on it by any means - rather this is just a new platform for me to have some fun with as I have been blogging for several years now.

So please feel free to check out my page and like it ( : xoxo - Ari

I will be updating on here within due time... for now, however, I am just having fun experimenting with the Facebook page a bit. Don't worry though, as I still have heaps of stories filled with trials, tribulations, and happiness that I look forward to sharing on here. 

Sending you all so much love! 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Different Is Beautiful

I like to write with lipstick. ( =

Some days I would quite rather I was not different, but the same as everyone else... - While I appreciate my Doctors and Nurses at the Hospital immensely, they are not people I would have ever wanted to have to know. I never wanted to have to know nor need them. Not in my perfect world, anyway. This, however, is not a perfect world and I am not a perfect person by any means. None of us are, so I am told relentlessly by professionals in the mental health field. They're right - even those highly-esteemed by society for things such as their looks, wealth, occupation, etc. are not perfect... We, as a human-race, are so incredibly far from perfect. We are all designed by something bigger than us, to be who we are. We are not all meant to blend - to the contrary I am afraid. I do not know if I will ever make peace with having this condition prior to leaving Earth someday (when a higher power calls me Home). Despite my contempt for what it has done to me and my family, however, I will learn to embrace what separates me from the vast majority of others out there by not hiding - I will not be ashamed of being different. I didn't choose this condition, it chose me. I will live in spite of it and live my life to the fullest, in hopes that one day I can reach my highest potential in terms of academics, humanity, etc. 

Different IS Beautiful, even though at times it feels like a damn curse.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Musings Prior to Bed: Mental Health, Relentless Pain, Guilt, and Gratitude

I spend a great deal of time in therapy these days trying to sort out the seemingly relentless and never-ending mess present within my mind. More often than not, it does feel as though there is a constant war taking place within my overly-neurotic brain. It's not easy, for I struggle with major depressive disorder, borderline personality disorder (albeit a mild case), and OCD on top of my KTS. Many a days, I find myself wanting to feel at peace, even if it's merely to a minimalistic caliber. I have a great deal of trouble achieving internal calm despite my hardest exertions. Having chronic pain while simultaneously struggling with mental illness can be abominably fatiguing. Yet, I am aware that there are people who have overcome much harsher circumstances, and I always want to be cognizant of that fact. I think it is absolutely vital to be conscious of other worldly happenings. While it does not change my particular circumstances, it does indeed help to add perspective to a rather complex situation.

So, while I may be in a great deal of pain on a daily basis (I have an impending debulking surgery that needs to be done with Dr. Spencer), I do try to be aware that life could be a lot harsher in terms of my life with Klippel. In fact, I was speaking with a dear life-long (non-chronically ill) friend about this on the phone just earlier tonight. What if I had been born in a poverty-stricken 3rd world county in which there was no place suitable to treat Klippel? I would not have made it past my 1st birthday, as I was septic at the tender age of 6 months old. What if I did not have parents who were not willing to take care of me when I am unwilling to take care of myself? What if I had to handle my financial burden entirely on my own? Surely, in spite of everything, there is a great deal in which to be thankful for.

However, this gratitude is also followed by a momentous magnitude of guilt, as I cannot help but wonder why I was the lucky one; why was I the one that was born in Boston as opposed to China where Klippel babies are sometimes left on the streets to die (based on superstition of their birthmarks, so I have been told by some reputable sources). Not to mention, the guilt that comes associated with being the chronically ill one in the family that has inconvenienced everyone else. None of this is easy for me to comprehend at this point in my life, and I do not believe that I am supposed to have all the answers as of yet. I believe that in terms of learning to accept my condition in terms of what I have, what it has done to me, and what it has done to others around me, there are layers that will constantly be unraveled as my life progresses.

While I would never say to someone going through a harsh medical situation (whether that be mentally or physically) that it could be worse, the verity is that in my case, I am fully aware it actually could be. There is, however, a fine line between glamourizing my situation because of the fortunate circumstances surrounding me and that of denial... I am still trying to maneuver my way through all of this mess, but I am hoping the chemo med called Sirolimus that I am back on will work some wonders in terms of my physical health. I undoubtedly believe that my physical health has played an active role in further aggravating my mental health (as many Journalistic studies have proven in patients with chronic-illness). Mental health issues run in my family on both sides, and that in itself is something to be aware of as these genetics are often passed down. So, while I fully believe that I would still be dealing with a slew of psych. Disorders (even without the constant distress Klippel has inundated my life with for the vast majority of my time here on Earth), I do not believe they would be nearly as out of control as they are now.

Just some random musings prior to bed as my mind is restless at current.

May you all be well,

Arianna Helena